Step One

People look around at those more successful than them, those that seem to be living the life they desire, those that seem to have it all and wonder how they do it. They think that their lives could never look like that. And while the story of success looks different for every individual, I can tell you the first step towards achieving the so called “unachievable”.

Step One: Eliminate the word “can’t” from your vocabulary.
There have been so many times that I have been speaking to people about what they want to do in life, but they halt the conversation by adding the word “can’t”. They “can’t” go to the gym, they “can’t” work for themselves, or they “can’t” take that vacation.

“Can’t” is an excuse. “Can’t” just means that you are putting your time in somewhere else and holding other things to more importance. That may be watching TV as downtime in the evening, or it may be that cup of coffee from the coffee shop every morning. If you truly work your hardest to obtain your goals, you can either achieve them or find something else great along the way. If you want something that you don’t have, you need to try things you have never tried before.

If you “can’t” get to the gym, try waking up an hour earlier and saying “I can do this if I try a different schedule to my day”. If you “can’t” afford that vacation, try saying “I can go without buying a cup of coffee in the morning”, and save $15-$20 per week and get to that vacation faster.

Saying “can” takes sacrifice and putting yourself out there, but if you start saying “can”, then you just might find a lot more success in your life.

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