What is YOUR passion?

Your passion. What gets you fired up? What can you talk about for hours and never tire of?

This has been on my mind for the last two weeks. I’ve been talking more about it, focusing more on it, and getting people to talk about it. It draws me in when people talk about what they are passionate about. It doesn’t even have to be anything I’m interested in. If they are alive with energy and conviction, I get excited!!

My passion is helping women pursue their passions while confidently managing their families, their relationships, their homes, and themselves. I want to do this by personally connecting with women in my community and publicly speaking about this topic nationally.

I love the “balance” of a full, passionate life!

I say balance with quotes because there really is no true thing as balance in our busy busy world. Counter balance is more like it. You give in some areas and take in others. You focus on some areas while you have someone help you manage other areas. I believe you need to ask for help, instead of ignore or neglect areas. We need to use each other’s gifts and talents to counter balance our lives!

Go be fabulous!!

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