The Power of Accountability

January 16th. Have you given up on those New Years goals or are you still rockin’ it? One of the things Gary Keller talks about in his book The One Thing is that ‘will power’ is a myth. You need to have habits and systems/people in place to keep you on track. You need accountability. need accountability. I rely on my coaches to keep me accountable, along with some awesome friends and family. Right now I have a business coach, nutrition coach, accountability partner for my bible study, book club girlfriend, and running partner that keep me in line. I’m excited to see where I will be a year from now based on the systems I have set in place. I have some big goals I want to accomplish this year and some of the details that I have to tackle to get there, I flat out don’t want to do. I know that if I have someone that will be asking me about those calls, documents, etc, I will be more likely to move these projects a long.

I hear often that we all have the same 24 hrs. each day. I want to make the best of my hours each day without overwhelming myself with expectations and “to do” items. I want forward progress, evolution of Kelly. I’m really enjoying and looking forward to 2015. What do you do to keep yourself moving in the direction you want to be going?


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