Wednesday 358 days left!

We are halfway through our first full week of 2015! There are 358 days left in this year. What do YOU want to accomplish?

I’ve been reading The One Thing by Gary Keller this week and he talks about mastery. He states from a psychologist study in 1993 of K. Anders Ericsson that, on average, it takes most people 10,000 hours of practice to master something. That’s about 10 years of 3 hrs per day of practice or 4 hrs per day if you are only practicing your craft 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year. What do you want to master? It may not be something you wish to completely get to excellence level in, but perhaps just learn the basics to enjoy…dancing, water skiing, painting, public speaking, etc. If you study just a bit a few hours a week this year, you could be on your way by this time next year.

I truly believe that our life is made up by our habits. Gary Keller actually also talks about this in his book as well. Habits of making your bed, washing your dishes, picking up after yourself, showing up on time, regular exercise, hiring someone to help (Let Kelly plug), and on and on really do make your life excel in the directions you want to go.

I encourage you to write the dream list of things you want to do and see what you can just get started on this year, this week, today, right now.

Go be fabulous!



2 thoughts on “Wednesday 358 days left!

    • I hear that! There is the rough part of creating the habit and the not-so-torturous part of returning to the habits that serve us. I’m there and starting to understand that place a little bit more…thanks for stopping by and I look forward to following your blog!!


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