Happy New Year!!! 2015 is here!

Wow! The hype and excitement for this year is huge! Is it just me, or are people feeling a new sense of beginning and fresh start with this year? I feel new breath blown in to the energy around me. Last year was a huge growth year for Let Kelly and me personally. I did not even have the space to make resolutions or yearly goals…something that I had done every year (including a poster and matching sticky notes) for the last 10-15, maybe more, years! So this year, wanting to make a list of things I would like to see materialize, is HUGE!! What a difference a year makes!

I will be sharing Let Kelly events, stories, helpful articles, and tips on the blog over the year. Please share with me things you would like to hear about and join me on this exciting adventure of blogging!

My prayer for you is to know you are loved and amazing, today, just as you are, and to give you the support and love to stretch yourself into the true YOU you know you can be!

Go be fabulous!

Love, Kelly


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