Are You Suffering? How Do We Stop?

I see women allow themselves to suffer waaaay beyond the point of no return (me included). I see this often with clients and other business owners. We are not willing to ask for help. We haven’t learned how to stop and see where we could have someone step in and do something for us. We punish our children, our husbands, ourselves, before we stop to ask how things can be better. Our lives become stressful and unmanageable.

It takes time to delegate. It takes time to pull the arrow back and aim at the target you want to hit. Have you thought about what you are working towards in your life, your “target”? Look at where you want to be in 2, 5, 10 years. The big picture can really focus our daily lives in such huge ways. If you are focused on wanting a great relationship with your children…maybe cleaning is not the priority for this Saturday. Or maybe you make an experience of doing it together.

When is the last time you asked someone for help in the area you need? Stopping and taking 20-30 min a week to see where you could ask for help. This doesn’t have to be a service you pay for either. This could be asking a friend, your spouse, your children (dare I say!) for help with chores and projects.

Could you ask for their help with…

• Laundry?
• Dishes?
• Cooking or Food prep?
• Cleaning?
• Admin work?
• Nutrition or working out?

If you gave up the responsibility of that one task, would your life change? Would you be nicer to yourself and your family? Would you allow yourself to be proud of outsourcing that chore and not leaving it all up to yourself?

What is it you need? What is the thing you are not asking for?

Suffering doesn’t have to be a way of life. Breathing, taking the moment to reassess, really could change your life. It could make you smile and have joy and peace.

I love you!